Saturday, July 28, 2012

If they look like cookies, smell like cookies, they must be cookies...
I have been wanting to create a healthy substitute to cookies or in general some dessert like thingy ! This is what I came up with.

  1. Take equal parts of flour - buckwheat / quinoa / barley/ oats and mix them up dry
  2. Roast  the mixture on a skillet at low/medium temperature while constantly stirring it to avoid the flour burning.
  3. Keep roasting till medium brown/golden color
  4.  Switch off gas stove and let the mixture cool to room temperature.
  5. This mixture after cooling down can be stored in glass containers inside a fridge
  6. Soak whole grain amaranth in cold water for about 24 hours till the amaranth soaks in the water and becomes soft.
  7. After the soaked amaranth softens up , decant the water and store it in the fridge
  8. To create healthy cookies : These cookies can be created when you want it and in as small quantity as possible. No need to premix. No need to create large quantities. To make 4 cookies (of say diameter 3 inches) 
    • Take 2 tablespoons of water softened amaranth
    • Add 2 table spoons of roasted flour
    • Add Splenda to your taste
    • Add water and mix till the consistency seems like mixed hot chocolate fudge ! 
    • In general don't make the mix "Amaranthy".
    •  Heat a "non stick" pan on a stove turned to Max
    • Wait till pan becomes hot
    • With a nonstick compatible spoon pour out 4 cookie portions on to the pan.
    • Flatten out the cookies as much as you can with  the spoon 
    • After a few minutes when its easy to flip them over, do that
    • Check to see that the cookies are not burning
    • Remove cookies with a flat spoon and serve   

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