Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Tortilla and snack bar options

Last few days I have been successfully experimenting with many different kinds of flour to make tortillas and snack bars

Amaranth and Dates Snack
Roast Amaranth flour (available in many health food stores) in a pan or a skillet over a medium fire till about golden brown. Make sure you are standing next to the gas stove stirring the flour so that it does not burn. After its nice and roasted, switch off the gas stove and let the  roasted flour cool down. Next take a box of medjool dates (available in Costco) and first remove the seed from each date. Then mash them till they become a uniform paste. Keep 1/4 cup of flour aside. We will use this  to powder the snack bars After the amaranth flour cools down, mix the mashed dates and flour till its well mixed. (If you don't mind nuts then you can add slivered almonds and walnut pieces into the mix, but that increases the calories as well !). I roll them into small balls(called "laddus" in India). Then I roll the snack balls in flour kept aside to make sure they get a dry coating on the outside and don't stick to each other. Put the snack balls in a box and refrigerate them. Take them out when you feel hungry and eat and enjoy !

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