Friday, April 12, 2013

Water solves post running hip pain

I have been averaging 18-21 miles of jog/run per week for the past 5 years now. Occasionally I will push and do about 10 miles (on tar roads). I have no training on all the required stretches etc so pretty much I just run. The 10 mile run never gave me hip pain. But one day  I grew ambitious and ran 14.6 miles. And then it started....hip pain on both sides...I thought the first few days post running was normal since I had not run that long a distance but the pain never really went away. I even had trouble sleeping on my side. I stopped running for about 2 months. Even half a mile would increase the pain.

Since I am not the one to pop medicines like peppermint (since I also run I decided hot and cold packs...temporary relief but the pain would come back....Then I read something on hydration helping with joint pain.

I started drinking about 3-4 liters of water every day and after about 2 weeks my pain began to subside. Today I ran 5 miles and no joint pain...

H2O...Simple molecule....but a cure and the giver of life ! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Home Made Power Bars

Earlier I had posted power bars prepared with roasted flour and mashed dates (as a binder). Yesterday I wanted to create something crunchy and prepared this. The binder is still the same - mashed dates. I prefer mashing them manually rather than putting them into VitaMix (actually dates are so sticky they might ruin the VitaMix !).

This powerbar contains a blend of three grains - millets, teff and buckwheat
1. Heat a large (12") iron skillet on a gas stove to full heat.

2. After about 15 minutes of heating, put about a handfull of  millets.

3. Make sure you stand there and keep stirring the millets so that they dont burn. Keep stirring till they turn light/orangish brown. Pour the roasted millets into a wide stainless steel container ( this helps to cool it down)

4. Do the same kind of roasting with buckwheat and Teff.

5. Mix up the roasted grains in the stainless steel continer

6. Allow to cool down completely

7. Get your mashed dates ready

8. When the grains are cool  then mix the mashed dates with the roasted grains into a dough like consistency.

9. Put some wax paper on a shallow rectangular baking tray and spread the mixed roasted grain and dates and flatten it out.

10. Put in the fridge for  2 hrs.

11. Then cut and store and ENJOY !