Monday, October 15, 2012

Teff - Just discovered this awesome grain

Last week I bought a packet of "Teff" grain from my local neighborhood health shop. (Still prefer these shops to the mighty heath food supermarkets !). The sight of the smallest grain in the world was love at first sight for me and I could hardly wait for my next meal when I could try this out.

At home we make "dosas" (Indian version of crepes) and I decided to add 1:1 Teff grains by weight to the dosa batter. To that I added freshly chopped cilantro, green long chilli pepper, onions and tomatoes. As a preference I dont add salt :-) .  I also added a sprinkling  of oregano and thyme to the batter.

Preheat a nonstick pan for about 3 minutes on full gas stove heat and with pour 3 spoons of batter in the center and gently spread it with a wooden soup ladle so that it is as flattened as possible. Cover the pan with a glass dome and put the stove on HALf the heat. After 5 minutes flip it and then after 5-10 minutes it is ready. Keep it on the pan a little longer (but on slower heat) if you like it crispy.

I like my Teff crepe with Karoun non fat yoghurt....mmmmm...delicious and filling !  

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