Friday, May 21, 2010

Controlling food portions and eating better

The goal is to ingest less amount of food per meal. Many ways to go about it. This is what I did.

BREAKFAST (7:00 am)
Eat the eggs. No bread. Have a banana instead and fat free milk. I add a little splenda to my milk + Peets Cocoa (they have no sugar and the cocoa tastes very good). Eat fruits such as oranges (navel oranges are guaranteed sweet), grapes, strawberries.

LUNCH (12:30pm)
Eat veggies, salad, dal(lentils) , fat free (Dannon Greek is a great fat free low sugar yoghurt). No chappatis (tortillas) or rice.

DINNER (7:30pm)
Similar to lunch. Add egg white/tofu for proteins

In summary, no bread, no chappatis(tortillas), no rice.

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