Thursday, June 9, 2016

A delicious gluten free breakfast

A delicious gluten free breakfast of amaranth pops, mashed bananas and almond milk. Amaranth is an ancient protien rich cereal and recently you get pops (much like popcorn) in the market.

This is an 5 minute recipe for you. You need the following
- a fistful of amaranth (say about half a tennis ball)
- one ripe spotted banana. (more spots = more sweet)
- one cup of almond milk (330 ml)

1. One a side plate, gently smash the banana with a fork till it becomes as pulpy as you would like it. 2, Transfer the banana pulp to a bowl.
3. Add almond milk gently on to the pulpy banana in the bowl while stirring so that the almod milk and the banana pulp mix evenly.
4. Add the amaranth pop and gently stir it with a fork till evenly mixes in
5. Let it stay for 10 minutes.
6. Enjoy your cereal.

I found that  this breakfast keeps me full without any hunger pangs for about 6 hours.

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